Registration for WRO 2022

The registration for the International WRO Final will be done through the WRO National Organizers in the countries. Teams must participate in WRO activities in a country and qualify for the International Final. The qualification mode is decided by the local National Organizer.

The National Organizers can register teams for the event through the official WRO Registration System only, no other way of registration is possible. The registration has started on August 8th and ends on October 8th. National Organizers can start the registration of their delegation after the national final in their country.

Registration Fees

For all registered persons included:

  • Food (3x lunch, 2x dinner, see below)
  • Access to the event & goodies
  • Access to Friendship evening
  • Public transport ticket (inform here!)

This year not included in the registration:

  • Hotel accomodation (inform here!)
  • Transport airport to/from hotel
  • Transport hotel to/from venue

Participant, Coaches, Adults & Other Travelers,

National Organizers(*)
(max. 3 per country)

150 €

(*) National Organizers have access
to the VIP area as well.

125 €

Extra: Judge T-Shirts
(max. 2 per country)

175 €

Extra: Access to VIP area

Food during the event

Food will be offered at the event for all registered persons. Registered persons will also get bottles of water. Non-registered visitors can buy food and drinks at food corners in the venue. The following meals are provided for registered persons:

Thursday, 17.11.2022 (Event day 1): Warm lunch and warm dinner (after opening ceremony)
Friday, 18.11.2022 (Event day 2): Warm lunch + warm dinner/Friendship Night evening
Saturday, 19.11.2022 (Event day 3): Warm lunch

Registration process and payment

It is important that National Organizers register and complete the registration as early as possible to have enough time to make all arrangements (payment, visa). The registration process follows the guidelines provided by WRO Association to all National Organizers. This includes the current payment policy as well.

We summarize the key facts here:

  • National Organizers can enter their seasonal team numbers already in July. On this basis, the WRO Registration System allows the country to register a number of teams for the International Final.
  • National Organizers that have had their national finals can start with the registration of their delegation on August 8th. During the registration, a National organizer can:
    • Register teams
    • Suggest judges for the event
  • Judge applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, right from the beginning. If a judge is approved he/she will be automatically added to the delegation.
  • If all teams are registered and judges approved (or rejected), a National Organizer can complete registration.
  • The National Organizer is required to pay the full registration fee for the delegation.
  • Please note: The National Organizer registers the full delegation from the country. The National Organizer is not obligated to register people for the event that have not paid their registration fees to the National Organizer or have not shared the required documents in time. Not even if these people are team members or coaches of a team that has qualified for the event. After the Registration deadline has passed is is no longer possible to add people to the delegation.
  • Registration Fees can be paid online (via Credit Card/Stripe) or via bank transfer. The fees are paid in EUR directly to the German National Organizer TECHNIK BEGEISTERT.
  • After finalizing registration there is no option to get a refund of the registration fees. This means that the National Organizer or individual travelers should make sure they have travel insurance.

The German National Organizer TECHNIK BEGEISTERT is a non-profit-organization. Costs around the event must be paid by them before the event. Therefore, it is very important that TECHNIK BEGEISTERT receives the payment from a National Organizer in time.

If the payment for a delegation is not made in time by the National Organizer the full delegation of that country is not allowed to enter the venue and participate in the event (see WRO Guidelines & Policies).

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