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WRO 2022 - Future Innovators

Robotics and artificial intelligence are becoming an increasingly important part of current research and science. Continuous progress in the field of robotics enables new robots to act in a better way in the environment of humans. The combination of robotics and artificial intelligence can change the world and especially the environment of humans.

Some people see dangers rather than opportunities in direct human contact with robots in the daily environment. The challenges of the future will be to seize the opportunities and to make robot-human interaction helpful and safe.

Service robots are already performing partially or fully automated services. They help people in difficult environments or with monotonous or dangerous tasks. As supporters and friends, robots take on a wide range of tasks to relieve people of time-consuming tasks and mental strain and to increase human comfort.

However, development is far from complete. What other tasks can robots take on in the future? How can it be ensured that robots act as helpers in your daily life?
We need your idea for your robot friend!

Your robot mission
Teams have the task to develop a robot model which represents the robot as a friend and helper in one of the following topics:

Robots at Home

Robots in Rescue

Robots in Healthcare

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