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Germany is part of the European Schengen area, which means that a Schengen visa is required to travel to Germany. On this page, we give you the relevant contact points and explain what we are doing in the process for our WRO countries.

Contacts & Information

Our Federal Foreign Ministry provides a visa navigator in several languages on its website, as well as a simple search facility for German embassies abroad.

Please note, that a Schengen visa is not free. It costs 80 EUR for adults and 40 EUR for children between 6-12.

Limited support for WRO countries

Our non-profit organization TECHNIK BEGEISTERT can only provide limited support to the WRO countries in VISA applications, as this is a higher-level matter. We cannot help obtaining the visa because the decision lies with the authorities.

What we can and will do for our countries:

We will provide everyone with a visa invitation. Please note that this invitation will be available once you completed your registration and only for those people that have registered through the WRO Registration System. This year, the invitation letters will be provided as PDF through the system. Please make sure that you fill all necessary fields (e.g. birthday) in the registration process. Please make sure that all necessary information is available for the National Organizer so they can fill all necessary fields (e.g. birthday) in the registration process.

In addition, we informed our German embassies around the world, so that they know about the event when you may contact them.

Covid-19 Pandemic

We all hope that the situation around the Covid-19 pandemic will be much better in the winter of 2022/23 than in the years before. But of course, we do not know. The event in Mid-November falls into the start of the winter period in Germany where we have seen rising numbers in the last two years. Expect to bring a face mask (surgical masks or ffp2) for this indoor event.

At the moment (22.08.2022), many travel/entry restrictions have been mostly lifted and events (such as trade fairs, concerts & festivals or soccer games) are happening like before Covid-19 without any restrictions. Currently, you need to wear a ffp2 face mask in public transport (expect this in November as well). But of course, the situation can change change. Therefore, please inform yourself about the current covid-19 restrictions on the central visa service website, at the time when you book / complete registration and on the days before departure as well.

Please discuss with your delegation if everyone meets potential requirements (e.g. vaccinations) and/or if you can get a special travel insurances that may help you. After finalizing registration there is no option to get a refund of the registration fees. This means that the National Organizer or individual travelers should make sure they have travel insurance.

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